Payments. Evolved.

Payments. Evolved.

Introducing Active Payments, the super power of Supertab. Traditional payments are a passive, single point in time transfer of value. Now, with Supertab, every payment you receive has associated programmatic properties, enabling you to set rules, query for associated results, change rights associated with a payment or literally anything you can dream up. It is, in effect, a unique and powerful micro-application running along side every payment.

Access Management

Craft payment-linked rule sets to allow user access to digital content, services, and items. Access can be set for time, number of uses, or any other requested metric.

Multilingual / Multicurrency

Supertab can accept payments in 135+ currencies and is able to be localized into almost any language required for end user support.

Networked Distribution

Supertab exists as a networked universal payment solution where millions of very small charges are bundled and batched processed, making micropayments possible.

Micro / Fractional Payments

Newly developed, computationally intensive applications like generative AI require new approaches to charging for utilization. Accepting charges of any size allows for ultimate flexibility in billing models.

First Party Data

Supertab enables businesses, with user permission, to collect first party data as part of the transaction process helping provide a better, more targeted product experience.


Each payment can be linked to small containers of code that allows the payment to, in effect, run a micro-application designed to enhance and customize the functionality of your product.

Superpowers for your payments.

Each Active Payment container can be programmed utilizing any combination of attributes to achieve almost anything you can dream up.

Want to have a payment grant access to a site for a specific period of time, creating a mini subscription engine and paywall with just a few clicks? Want to pay for a sword in your MMO and then have a character bring it to another game in your catalog? Want to tailor advertising and offers based on a users payment history / demographics? Want to enable micropayments where the power of the networked Supertab can generate reasonable transaction costs? Want to charge users fractions of a cent for generative AI access? Want to have sponsors reduce a payment before it’s settled or extend it’s value by increasing an effective duration? Want to create your own set of executable rules and rights?

Supertab and Active Payments make this all possible.

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