Supertab – Get access to premium content online with one Tab. You only pay when the Tab reaches $5.

Use Supertab to get instant access to premium content online

You only buy what you want.

Why Supertab?

You want a glass of milk and not the whole cow

It happens to us all online, countless times each day: you want to read an article, watch a video or explore some content but you get hit by an “accept all cookies“ dialog followed by a subscription ask. So what do you do? Leave the site? Swear? Google another information source?

Wouldn‘t it be great to be able to immediately access only the content you want, with one click? Just “put it on my tab.” It’s only once you have made a few purchases – when your Tab reaches $5 for example – that you pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Credit Card.

Supertab gives you what you want when you want it, on your terms. Maximum access with minimum hassle.