The content you want, when you want it.

The content you want, when you want it.

Accessing your favorite news, articles, videos, and podcasts shouldn’t be hard. Get instant access to your favorite premium content – no subscription necessary.

Just put it on your Tab!

Anything you need,
not everything
you don’t

A lot of great content can be found behind paywalls, but no one can afford to subscribe to everything. That’s why we built Supertab.

Now you can access just the content you want and simply “put it on your Tab”. Read, play, watch or listen instantly. Only pay when your Tab reaches $5 – with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Credit Card.

Supertab gives you what you want when you want it, on your terms. Maximum access with minimum hassle. Use now pay later™

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Put it on my Tab.
Access Now
Pay Later

Supertab works by aggregating small payments now and letting you pay on when your Tab is full. This lets content providers charge smaller amounts than ever before so you don’t have to pay large upfront fees or enter into long term commitments.

Supertab doesn’t require upfront payment or a credit card to gain access. Simply put it on your Tab and only pay when your Tab is full.

Supertab is portable and universal. You can use it on any site or application where Supertab is accepted. All your micro-purchases are collected on the Tab and you can see all of purchase history at any time.

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