Supertab – maximizing revenue in addition to ads and subscriptions

Supertab is a patented system that makes it simple for your customers to buy digital goods and services — across websites, devices and open platforms. With one click, users commit to purchase and “put it on my tab.

Supertab aggregates these purchases and asks for payment only once a $5 threshold has been crossed.

Interested in Supertab?

Why Supertab?

It is getting increasingly difficult to monetize content through ads and subscriptions.

There are changes to the ad market due to privacy and regulation which lead to a declining value of ads.

And then, there is subscription fatigue and saturation: most subscription asks result in user bounce rates in excess of 95%. Asking people to pay before they experience the value of your content simply doesn‘t work in a world of instant gratification.

So we asked ourselves, in addition to advertising and subscriptions, is there a complementary way to charge for content, reflecting the speed and low friction expected by today’s customers?

Put it on my tab

Supertab overcomes these barriers by enabling users to simply “put it on my tab” so they can immediately access content and services. In this way, the value of the content is established with every click but it is only after a tab reaches $5 that users are asked to pay. As a result, Supertab onboards paying customers at an order of magnitude higher than that of a traditional paywall or freemium offering – while keeping your customers happy and engaged.